Giazotto’s Albinoni Adagio

In the wake of the fall Goucher Orchestra concert, I thought I would take a minute to post a video of one of the works we performed along with my thoughts about the piece from the program notes. Enjoy! Nobody could blame the Italian musicologist Remo Giazotto (1910-1998) for being a bit chagrined. His most famous composition is popular … Continue reading Giazotto’s Albinoni Adagio

Reflections on the Festival

After performing at the first Vintage Band Festival (VBF) in 2006, it was a great thrill to return this summer to perform with the Newberry Band again at the second festival. VBF director Paul Niemisto deserves a hearty "huzzah!" (and so much more) for organizing and hosting such a terrific festival. Paul's incredible army of … Continue reading Reflections on the Festival

Newberry Band Concert Excerpts

It's taken quite a while to edit and upload the videos, but here are more excerpts from the concert program that the Newberry Band performed at the 2010 Vintage Band Festival in Northfield, Minnesota. More videos will be added to this post when they are online. Stay tuned! For the record, here is the concert program … Continue reading Newberry Band Concert Excerpts

More Vintage Band Festival Videos

Here are two of the highlights of the concert program that Newberry's Victorian Cornet Band is performing at the 2010 Vintage Band Festival in Northfield, Minnesota. Verdi's "Terzetto and Finale from Attila" arranged by J. B. Claus and a terrific piccolo solo featuring Christine Beard, "The Wren Polka" by Eugene Demare. Dr. Christine Beard is … Continue reading More Vintage Band Festival Videos