A College Student’s Guide to Getting Organized

What's the most important skill for success in college? In my opinion, it's self management. That means having a system that you use to capture, review, and respond to important information on a daily basis. In other words, take a cue from Santa Claus and make a list and check it twice (or more often). … Continue reading A College Student’s Guide to Getting Organized

International Trumpet-Making Workshop

With the help of a generous summer research grant from Goucher College, I was finally able to attend the International Trumpet-making Workshop (ITW) in Bloomington, Indiana this summer (August 2017). I've wanted to attend ever since I starting playing the natural trumpet nearly twenty years ago and was thrilled to have the opportunity. What follows … Continue reading International Trumpet-Making Workshop

Keyed Trumpet and Keyed Bugle

Most trumpeters know the difference between the keyed trumpet and the keyed bugle, but many outside The Family don't know. As I'm working on new performing editions of the Haydn and Hummel trumpet concerti with historical commentary for Carl Fischer Music (forthcoming later this year), I came across some fine resources on YouTube concerning the keyed … Continue reading Keyed Trumpet and Keyed Bugle

A Terrific Trumpet Blog

It's Thanksgiving Weekend and I'm thankful for a terrific new trumpet blog by my brilliant colleague, Stanley Curtis (www.trumpetjourney.com). In addition to serving as a trumpeter in the U.S. Navy Band in Washington, D.C., Stan is gifted performer on both the natural trumpet and the cornetto as well as the modern Baroque trumpet with vent … Continue reading A Terrific Trumpet Blog