Concert in Paderborn

The Abdinghofkirche
The Abdinghofkirche in Paderborn

Last night we performed the third in our series of four concerts at the Abdinghofkirche in Paderborn, Germany. Once again we had a large and enthusiastic audience and the church was beautifully decorated inside with tall Christmas trees, a glorious Star of Bethlehem, and a large, lifelike nativity scene (or “Krippe,” auf Deutsch).

I especially want to thank the wonderful Music Director of the Abdinghofkirche, Martin Hoffmann, for all of his assistance with the preparations for the concert. He is an enormously gifted musician and Paderborn is lucky to have him!

Elisa and Martin
Elisa with Martin Hoffmann, Music Director of the Abdinghofkirche, at Kurt Oberschäfer’s house

Everyone has been asking me to post more video so here are several excerpts from last night’s concert (scroll down below). Be sure to check out Reinhard Ehritt’s gorgeous playing in the Albinoni Concerto. What a fantastic musician he is! It is such a privilege for me to play these concerts with him.

Inside the Abdinghofkirce
The view inside the Abdinghofkirche. (Click on image for larger view)

We are off the next two days and then we travel to Leipzig on Friday for the final concert on Saturday in the historic Thomaskirche (where J.S. Bach worked for most of his life) on Saturday.



5 thoughts on “Concert in Paderborn

    1. Loved watching and listening to the videos. Hope there can also be some videos from Leipzig.

  1. Absolutely amazing! We loved watching these videos. Wonderful job! Good luck on the final concert! 🙂

  2. Excellent performances! We really enjoyed listening – felt like we were there. what wonderful acoustics to show off the beautiful music provided by all!

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