Concert in Leipzig

Leipzig newspaper
From this weekend's Leipziger Volkszeitung

We performed the final concert of the tour in Leipzig tonight. It was such a privilege to perform in the Thomaskirche. As you can see, we performed from the balcony in the back of the church which was much larger than I thought it would be. Everyone is clamoring for video from the concert, so without further ado, here it is!

5 thoughts on “Concert in Leipzig

  1. Dear Elisa, it was such a delight to be a part of the Paderborn – ‘event’ – audience, as I would like to call it. And I am almost jeallous that I could not join you all for the 4. concert in this marvellous tour! I am thankful to you for your great art, also to Reinhard, Prof Harder, his soloists and students, the great soprano, and not to forget Kurt for giving birth to all this! I appreciate a lot that we could share after the concert and I hope we can stay in touch somehow! As Kurt quoted from the great JSB: “S.D.G.” – may we go on to do our work as a small contribution for the glory of God – and may we live under his blessings! Thanks again! Most warmhearted regards,
    Klaus -formally a retired Reverend – like all theses others Kurt, Ottfried etc -and yet not ‘retired’ at all (;-))

  2. Elisa–This amazing concert project and the documentation of it on your blog is a wonderful blending of your own stated interests in history and technology and an impressive statement of who you are as a musician, scholar, adventurer, and leader. Thanks for including us.

  3. Hello dear Elisa, I just found the videos of the concert in youtube. wow, what a great view you got with the camera!! I hope you had a nice stay in germany and a safe trip back home. I was wondering if you also have a clip of brandenburgs 2nd mov… if you do, could you may be post it or send it to me per e mail, I would very much appreciate it. Congratlations and best regards

    1. Hello, Dante! Thank you for your message (comment)! I will post the Second Mvt. of the Brandenburg later today as well as the central movements of the cantata for Cosima. I apologize for not uploading them sooner, but I had very limited time after the concert in Leipzig to post the other clips and I promised Reinhard that I would post his Bach movements, too. Stay tuned! It was a wonderful pleasure to perform with you these past two weeks and I wish you all the best for the rest of your studies in Detmold. You are an enormously gifted musician with a bright future!
      Herzliche Gruesse aus dem USA! – Elisa

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