Review from Leipzig

Bach soloists
The soloists for the Brandenburg (from left): Dante Montoya (flute), Elisa Koehler (trumpet), Ayumi Mita (oboe), Kyung Won Lee (violin), and our terrific continuo cellist, Martin Knörzer.

Thanks to the ever-amazing Kurt Oberschäfer, I now have a PDF copy of the review of last Saturday’s concert from the Leipziger Volkszeitung (see link below). I also want to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful students from the Detmold Hochschule für Musik for their artistry, professionalism, and great working attitude. It was a pleasure and a privilege to make music with them!

On a related note, I am currently in the process of securing professional English translations of all of the reviews and articles and hope to post them here in the future. Stay tuned!

Click here to read the Leipzig review

One thought on “Review from Leipzig

  1. Dear Elisa Koehler, we’re still very, very glad that we could attend the wonderful concert on Leipzig. Having just read the review of the “Volkszeitung”, we are pleased that it is deservedly positive. We imagine that you’re quite delighted about the overall success of your concert-tour, even though
    the concert in Leipzig didn’t see many visitors – to the understandable disappointement of Kurt Oberschaefer. As far as he is concerned, we
    think, nevertheless, that he can be proud of his accomplishment!- It was nice to meet you – if only briefly – in “Auerbach’s Keller” after the concert.-
    Best wishes for you and your further work! Hajo and Sylvia Wachsmuth, Wuerzburg, Germany

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