Newberry Band Concert Excerpts

It’s taken quite a while to edit and upload the videos, but here are more excerpts from the concert program that the Newberry Band performed at the 2010 Vintage Band Festival in Northfield, Minnesota. More videos will be added to this post when they are online. Stay tuned! For the record, here is the concert program that the band performed at the VBF. Due to time constraints, a few selections were occasionally dropped from concert programs. Finally, I have also included a brief sample of Mike O’Connor’s terrific commentary that he provided between pieces on the program. Enjoy!

Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band
2010 Concert Program

New Era Quickstep
(Julius Ringleben – Blanchard’s Band Journal, 1877)
Nabucodonosor Overture

(Verdi – arr. J. B. Claus – pub. W. H. Cundy, Boston, 1883)
Fantasia: Safe in the Arms of Jesus

(F. J. Keller – pub. J. W. Pepper, 1881) — Elisa Koehler, Cornet Soloist
Minnesota March

(George N. Allen, 1851 – Ed. Mayberry/O’Connor)
Echoes from the North – Andante and Waltz

(T. Henry Rollinson – pub. J. W. Pepper, 1879)
The Wren Polka
(Eugene Damare – pub. Kalmus, c. 1900) — Christine Beard, Piccolo Soloist
“Lorley” Paraphrase
(Nesvadba – arr. by J. B. Claus – pub. Thompson & Odell, Boston)
Terzetto & Finale. “Attila”
(Verdi – arr. by J. B. Claus – pub. Thompson & Odell, Boston, c. 1880)
American Line March
(Fred T. Baker – arr. by William Stobbe – pub. E.A. North, Philadelphia, 1881)
Our Flirtations. March [Encore]
(J. P. Sousa – pub. Carl Fischer, New York, 1890)

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