English Translations of Concert Reviews

At long last here are English translations of the concert tour reviews courtesy of Jennifer Northup, a clarinetist in my orchestra, the Frederick Symphony, who is also a professional German translator (she's an amazing musician, too!). I would have posted them sooner, but the beginning of the spring semester and five feet of snow (a … Continue reading English Translations of Concert Reviews

Review from Leipzig

Thanks to the ever-amazing Kurt Oberschäfer, I now have a PDF copy of the review of last Saturday's concert from the Leipziger Volkszeitung (see link below). I also want to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful students from the Detmold Hochschule für Musik for their artistry, professionalism, and great working attitude. It was a pleasure and a privilege … Continue reading Review from Leipzig

A Visit to Mendelssohn’s House

   Imagine our surprise while innocently strolling through Leipzig's shopping district to be confronted with this sign (see photo on left). Now, I was planning to visit the Mendelssohn House, but had no idea that it was only a few blocks from our hotel.   After having conducted several Mendelssohn works with my orchestras the past year (2009 was … Continue reading A Visit to Mendelssohn’s House

Reviews from Paderborn

Hot off the presses, and courtesy of the dynamic Kurt Oberschäfer, here are two reviews from the local newspapers here in Paderborn, Germany. The first one (above) comes from today's Neue Westfälische Paderborner Kreiszeitung. The second review (below) comes from the Paderborner Kultur section of today's Westfälisches Volksblatt. I apologize that these images are not … Continue reading Reviews from Paderborn